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Injectable rubber plug puncture force tester detection method

Puncture force refers to the puncture of the rubber plug or gasket in the puncture test. The specific test method can refer to YBB00322004-2015 injection rubber plug and gasket puncture force measurement method, and use YBB00042005-201 injection gel plug to meet the requirements. The force tester CCY-02 was tested.

Injection rubber plug penetration tester

Injection rubber plug puncture testing machine testing equipment

Rubber Plug
In the experiment, the zui value measured by the puncture device of the injection rubber plug tester (common name is the puncture force tester) is penetrated by the rubber plug, and is expressed by Newton (N). The injection gel plugging force detecting step is as follows :

1. According to the standard YBB00322004-2015 standard requirements, prepare 10 rubber plugs to be tested that meet the test conditions (pre-prepared liquid-filled rubber injection bottle with pre-treatment according to the requirements);

2. Put the injection bottle into the puncture test device, open the aluminum cover or the aluminum-plastic composite cover to expose the marked portion of the rubber stopper;

3. The test machine puncture device vertically punctures the position of the rubber plug at a speed of 200 mm/mind, and the device records the zui value of the puncture rubber plug;

4. Repeat the above test steps to puncture the next 4 injection bottles. Before each puncture, wipe the puncture device with acetone or other suitable organic solvent. After the 5 injection bottles are puncture once, replace the puncture device. Repeat the above steps to puncture the remaining 5 injection bottles.

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